Saturday, April 10, 2010

experimenting with crackle finishes

crunch, rough, raw, stale, aged, lovely

A year or two ago, I bought some crackle finish (valspar) for my bedside table. It worked great! I put gold on first- it shows through the light teal color = awesome!
Fastforward to the last two weeks, Frankie (beloved cat) insists on jumping up and knocking crap off of our walls... really annoying... so, I took our knick-knack shelf off the wall and replaced it with a new canvas. I like the placement.

Emmanuel and I painted the three canvases various green hues. I thought to myself- "self- why not try crackle finishes on these three canvases?" so, we did. Little did we know though, it's suttle when used with this kind of paint/on canvas... so, we'll likely need several more layers! I'll keep you posted when it's finished.

For now though, we're so busy! so, we've hung them and we'll work on it in the coming days.
you can see the finish on the smallest one, we haven't done it for the other two yet. I'll let you know how it goes... =)

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  1. hi mnikiema,

    i think you may have left a comment on the recent feature in the stranger. (a simple google search on "mnikiema" turned up this page and not much else.)

    if you are the same person, i'd like to write you more personally (as someone who's had the same experience recently). if you like, please say hello: kertek7 (at) gmail (dot) com

    and i'm so sorry.