Sunday, April 3, 2011

Updates from the mobile workshop

We've really stopped posting things this year, haven't we?

I've been doing a lot of random, weird things in the craft world lately. Bleaching and then re-dyeing a pineapple sarong in my washing machine, helping a friend make her ikea light fixture less horrible looking with lace in Chicago, lost wax casting a sterling silver ring, making jewelry from shrinki-dinks, and raku pottery. Those last three new opportunities have come because of a class I'm teaching (Materials Science) - I'm learning right along with the kids, but what a fun experience to see the lost wax casting process! Wish I could get that setup going at home. I'm considering starting with PMC clay...


The two most successful and time-consuming hobbies this year so far have definitely been my first foray into soap making with Jenny (5 batches in - 3 really good ones, 2 mediocre) and attempting to pick up sewing again. I will write a post soon with our recipes for soap in more detail, but right now, I'll post some fun pictures! (I'm also attempting to make shampoo right now...I'll post when I get something remotely useful)

A (surprisingly) great nightgown (Jenny came to my rescue via gchat on this one)!

Some photos of the inaugural soap-making adventure over Thanksgiving weekend in Portland!
(Left) me with the lye, (Top Right) Jenny stirring the oils, (Bottom Right) Tada! Bergamot-Clove-Rosewood-Oatmeal Soap. My favorite batch yet.


Jenny, you said you made some lotion? Can you tell us about it? What other projects have you ladies been working on? Share some pictures/stories!

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  1. I just realized that I posted all of these pictures to facebook at one time or another...oh well.