Friday, August 7, 2009

Tis the season

for raspberries!

My good friend Katie (who I invited to the blog and who I write a food blog with) has been here all week visiting before heading off to Indiana for grad school, and we went on a little raspberry-picking adventure at Remlinger Farms yesterday in Carnation. Yay for farmer's markets and $2/lb fruit!

A sampling of our creations:
Katie^2 (I'm such a nerd) with our 6lb loot.
Raspberry Crisp (this got the dad seal of approval!)

Raspberry Almond Scones (taken from the Betty Crocker Cookbook, with slightly more flour to compensate for the juicy fresh berries)

I'm planning on trying a chocolate zucchini raspberry cake, raspberry crepes (for a French-themed bridal shower this weekend), and possibly a raspberry pie if I have enough left! We'll see...


  1. yum! I recently heard an NPR interview about the slow food movement. It's super interesting. They talked a lot about how as americans we eat special occasion foods like french fries all the time. They called them special occasion because of how much effort it takes if you cooked them yourself at home... from potato to deep frying. How often do any of us whip up homemade french fries? Since we can just drive thru and get them fast we eat special occasion foods all the time. I like knowing where my food comes from and understanding at least a little how much time and energy has gone into getting it to my mouth.

    Going out and picking your own berries is so good! I love seeing all the different wonderful things you made from them! I was lucky enough to pick two huge bowls of raspberries at Amy's house this year and ended up eating them all fresh before I could count to three.

  2. haha - that's awesome! hard NOT to eat them. it's hard to do local/fresh/organic as much in the burbs, but i appreciate knowing exactly what I'm eating and that there isn't anything super NASTY in it! I'm trying to get more into cooking my own stuff, but I get so damn complacent and I'm like "mmm, what's in the freezer?". Baby steps, I guess. I've never picked raspberries before, so it was a fun new thing!